About us

Where it all began

Whyaye was founded in 2019 by three women keen to work with like-minded individuals and clients to make change happen in a transparent, positive, and outcome-focused way.  We believe that people spend too much time at work not to enjoy what they do, so we strive to put the ‘Yay’ in every day. 

We will put the 'yay' back in your working day

The power of a team is stronger than one mind alone and when we work with our clients, we work collaboratively and transparently to ensure we deliver value together. We take the time to understand their individual challenges, concerns & environment and then design and build a unique tailored approach which is executed to the highest quality. We take time to build relationships with our clients that continue long after our work is done.

We listen

First things first, we need to get to know your business, its objectives, challenges and current environment. This will enable us to propose the most effective strategies and approaches.

We get down to business

Now we know what it’s going to take to achieve your objectives, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get down to business. Whether we work with you on strategy, product, platform or programme, our dynamic mob will begin making an immediate impact.

We demonstrate value

Providing clear, concise and timely updates on progress using colourful techniques we work quickly and effectively to give your business, employees and customers exactly what they need – putting the ‘yay’ back in the working day.

What we do

We facilitate outcome led, technology-enabled change using smart and efficient approaches, creating positive noise, and generating energy, delivering some of the largest and successful IT transformations globally. We have experience across various industries including financial services, oil & gas, retail, and government bodies.

From Digital Transformation to HR Transformation to Customer Service Management, use the links below to find out how we can help improve your business.

Business Change & Adoption

Enterprise Transformation

Product and Platform Assurance

Programme Delivery

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Meet the Mob

We’re a dynamic and energetic team with a broad range of business expertise. Whether it’s enterprise wide or service specific we’ve got the skills to help you deliver quickly and successfully.

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