Where it all began

whyaye was founded in 2019 by three women keen to work with like-minded individuals and clients to make change happen in a transparent, positive, and outcome-focused way. 

We believe that people spend too much time at work not to enjoy what they do, so we strive to put the ‘Yay’ in every day. 

We have grown pretty quickly over the past 18 months and are now over 3o people strong and continue to attract people who share the whyaye outlook on ways of working. 

Our whyayers have skills and specialist experience across many areas, including technology change, people change and Operational Resilience. We are not big fans of hierarchy, and so we operate a networked member orientated business, or a networked Mob as we like to call it. This makes sure we can access the skills/experience needed to support our work with our clients where needed

Maureen, Lisa and Anna meet & start working on a project together for a Banking Client


The team grows to 8, delivering another successful project together and whyaye talks begin


whyaye! is officially formed

August 2019

We secure our first global client (operating in 108 countries and 8 languages)

October 2019

The mob reaches double figures

February 2020

We add ‘Operational Resilience’ to our service offering

June 2020

We hit 2M turnover

December 2020

The whyaye family grows to over 30

March 2021

Meet the Mob

We’re a dynamic and energetic team with a broad range of business expertise. Whether it’s enterprise wide or service specific we’ve got the skills to help you deliver quickly and successfully.

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