Governance, Risk and Compliance the whyaye way takes our knowledge and expertise in delivering successful outcomes across each of the ServiceNow GRC applications to date. We address the most common challenges faced by organisations such as the rising cost of compliance, growing regulatory requirements and the increased reliance on 3rd parties.

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Our Team

We combine a team of five mob members across our service lines and work with you to ensure a successful outcome-driven program that addresses these challenges.  This includes:


Project Management

Experience delivering across the GRC suite including Integrated Risk Management, Vendor Risk Management and Business Continuity Management

Risk Specialists

Experience delivering risk transformation programmes. This includes audit, business continuity management, operational resilience, and vendor risk management

Business Change

Experts that ensure appropriate business engagement and adoption mechanisms are in place to ensure successful adoption post-go-live and that business benefits are delivered


ServiceNow Product Specialists

Certified implementation specialists with experience spanning across the ServiceNow platform including Integrated Risk Management, Vendor Risk Management and Business Continuity Management

Our Experience

Prevention is better than cure as my physio says. One of the best ways to do that is to continuously monitor if you're doing the right things and doing them well enough to protect things.  That can be a big job for firms but platforms like ServiceNow can simplify and automate your processes, indicating where best to focus your precious time.

Jordan Stokoe 'The Resilient One'

Implementing repeatable and reusable Questionnaire/Document Request templates in Vendor Risk Management allows you to dynamically configure tailored questionnaires to your Vendors without having to re-design a whole questionnaire set for each. This in turn allows for a quick deployment of standardised questions to each of your Vendor(s) during an initial or subsequent engagement.

James Edge 'The Grafter'​
Mob Member Photo
I am very happy with the performance from all your consultants. They are all highly skilled, engaged and proactive. They particularly embed well into the existing teams and work as part of Danske which means they build positive relationships with the teams and this removes barriers so stuff gets done.
VP - Danske Bank

Our Offering

We provide packaged services based on our experience to date ranging from an 8 – 12 week timeline which provides you with a foundational setup of each application.


For more information, download our GRC Service Offering Summary paper & get in touch below to arrange an informal chat with our specialists.

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