3 women who made “Why, yes” their motto

Why, yes! We’re thrilled to continue to work with ServiceNow to drive the transformation at work with our multinational clients. As we continue to grow and welcome new members of the mob – let’s continue to deliver huge value!

Maureen, Anna and Lisa got to speak to ServiceNow about several interesting topics. Such as, how do you deliver IT Service Management in 8 months whilst fostering deep friendships and delivering huge business benefit? For example, at one bank, the new digital workflows are saving 46,000 work hours a month and that was in just 8 months. Now that’s driving sustainable transformation for colleagues!

Click the below link to read the entire blog and find out more about what has made them successful. It also contains several helpful hints and tips you should know along the way.


If this leaves you wanting more information we would love to hear from you. As i’m sure most of you reading this will know, when it comes to Digital transformation it is paramount to know “Why are you doing this?” and just to remind you why, yes, we can help you.

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