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As we talk about what role technology can play in retaining key talent and employee engagement Attracting and retaining key talent has never been more of a challenge for employers than in the current market; employees are more demanding, wanting better progression and development, flexible ways of working and enhanced rewards. Add in the cost […]

Attracting and retaining talent – where does technology fit in?

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A jump of employee satisfaction from 7% to 89% in just five months! This is the kind of yay that is put into a working day when HR digital transformation goes well. When our mob worked with a major multinational bank to embed ServiceNow HR Service Delivery into the organisation, we replaced dozens of legacy […]

Is tech making people happy?

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More than 50% of employees have experienced dissatisfaction at work due to missing or mismatched software. 25% of employees said that they’ve even considered leaving their jobs because of the software they’re using in the workplace. Double woah. Ok, so make that a triple woah! So what’s the problem? Well, here’s a major one… Clunky, chunky, […]