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IRM got your head in a spin?

Well, that's no real surprise!

says Stuart Birnie

We are living in a digital world where customers expect a 24/7 resilient service.  To deliver this in an efficient and effective manner we utilise geographically diverse and often complex supply chains. This gives rise to risks that are becoming increasingly complicated.

Consider the current landscape…

  •  The burgeoning threat of cyber attacks – often targeting digital supply chains
  •  Increased reliance on a web of third party providers… each with their own suppliers
  •  A more volatile global political and economic environment

In response, regulators are putting an increased focus on firms to ensure they protect themselves and their customers. 

For example in financial services, the EU has introduced the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) which covers critical third parties, and in the UK, The Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations on operational resilience were introduced last year. 

All of this and (much more) has created a complex landscape, which can be difficult to navigate.

But help is at hand on your journey. ServiceNow’s modern and flexible IRM solution, ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management, can help you operate in this environment. It will give you one source of truth for risk and control information.

And as a ServiceNow Premier partner, we know ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management inside out!

Which is very handy… This platform can help you unite siloed teams and break down the barriers to effective operational risk and resilience. It can ensure that data from multiple, unrelated sources are brought into one accessible system so you have timely insight on your risk position and be proactive rather than reactive. And it can help you meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate compliance more easily.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Let's take a closer look at IRM with whyaye & ServiceNow

The TOP 10 benefits your organisation could realise…

What’s the whyaye difference?

Working with us on an IRM project is fun! That’s because we bring positive energy to the process and engage your full team in the project.

Communication, honesty and breaking down barriers is what we’re all about. We focus on the whole picture and provide strategic advice and guidance. Achieving the right outcomes is our priority. And we have the specialist expertise to really make IRM work, so employees will have a platform that they can truly benefit from.

Yes, we know change can be a challenge for everyone. But we have a strong track record of implementing change into organisations in a way that puts smiles on faces.

Couple this with our expertise in risk, resilience, ServiceNow and business change, and we’ll successfully embed IRM solutions into your organisation, ensuring they really make an impact in the long term.  

We can also help you make a business case for an IRM solution and develop a roadmap.

Stuart Birnie
When it comes to the implementation stage, we’ll be with you every step of the way: our IRM experts are supported by whyaye’s Product and Platform Assurance team, who have significant experience in implementing ServiceNow’s Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) products, including ServiceNow Risk Management.

And our IRM mob have bags of experience, which they bring into play on every project. Our mob have worked for the likes of RBS, Lloyds Banking Group and MUFG, giving them real inside knowledge of IRM, and how it’s applied.

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