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Is tech making people happy?

More than 50% of employees have experienced dissatisfaction at work due to missing or mismatched software.

25% of employees said that they’ve even considered leaving their jobs because of the software they’re using in the workplace.

Double woah. Ok, so make that a triple woah!

So what’s the problem?

Well, here’s a major one…

Clunky, chunky, cumbersome systems, that haven’t been successfully integrated and adopted by organisations.

Perhaps that’s because that during the initial system implementation, the full spectrum of an organisation’s stakeholders weren’t taken on the journey (including the people who actually use it day to day!)

It could be because the system wasn’t quite suitable for the organisation’s needs in the first place.


And here are just a few problems that can be caused by inefficient, difficult to use systems:

  • They’re behind the times and difficult to update: not what your employees need right now!
  • They’re slow and complex for everyone.
  • It’s causing a lot of stress. No one can get on with their jobs. 
  • Things are going missing. Emails. Contact details. Financial info… eek!
  • If it’s an older system, they might not be supported by the manufacturer. There’s no active community around them. No one to turn to for advice. You’re on your own!
If people are leaving a company in droves, or dropping out shortly after the onboarding stage, then demotivation caused by complex, cumbersome systems might be part of the problem.

With organisations competing with each other for talent, it’s important to make employees happy.

And investing in tech that can make people smile again can be a great place to start.

Employees will thank you for it.

And word will get around that you’re helping to create a happy workplace. Nice!

Giving everyone a lift!

Think about tech that can generate seamless, end to end working processes and streamlined workflows. It can help employees do what they love. The things that motivate them. 

What’s more, they are less likely to become frustrated by complex tasks and manual steps.

Our mob replaced dozens of legacy systems for a multinational bank, which were being used by 23,000 staff, through an HR digital transformation programme.

And yep, it worked.

Employee satisfaction increased from 7% to 89% in a five-month time period!

A happier journey…

Find out what employees really think…

So, you’re going to put your trust in some new tech, here’s some news for you. It’s probably a good idea to get the lowdown on how it’s working out for your employees!

A technology platform should provide an easy way for employees to feedback. If concerns can be highlighted as soon as they emerge, via a simple process, it makes life so much easier, doesn’t it?

And that’s also going to make people feel far more valued.

You can always go further though… and give employees even more of a say!

ServiceNow’s ITBM solution enables employees to submit ideas on how systems can be improved. Change can come from the grassroots – and employees will be making a difference to everyone’s working lives. There’s a warm, cosy, feelgood factor in that…

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If your organisation is being hampered, rather than helped, by a system – and staff are losing motivation – our mob is just a click away!

To find out how whyaye can support your organisation with HR digital transformation – and put a yay into your working day, contact us.

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In this landscape, recruiting and retaining key talent, and driving increased productivity poses some real challenges for organisations. Added to this, with hybrid and remote working becoming more the ‘norm’ in many industries and working cultures, it can be more difficult to keep employees engaged and connected. 

 But technology can help?

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