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whyaye has been acquired by EY. You can read more about the acquisition here.

A big thank you to all our customers, partners, suppliers and mob members (past and present) for being part of the whyaye journey.

Keeping everyone engaged – where tech steps in…

Our mob knows how to get things done!

For a multinational consumer goods company, we cut time spent on frustrating and laborious tasks by nearly half. We reduced 15 help desks down to one portal. 

And we got people smiling again! But around the world, not everyone is happy. Which makes us sad too.

This can’t be great for productivity, efficiency and staff retention, can it?

And then there is the acceleration in hybrid and remote working that we have witnessed since the Coronavirus pandemic.

Those water cooler chats, the latte-fuelled brainstorms (we love them!), the office banter… maybe they’re not happening as much as they used to.

How can HR digital transformation get everyone on side and

Zoom and Microsoft Teams are everywhere.

And these platforms can undoubtedly ensure that colleagues can keep people in touch with each other (even if they’re sneakily wearing pyjama bottoms out of shot).

But a technology platform – such as ServiceNow HR Service Delivery – that can effectively connect HR and employees and crucially, provide a 360-degree view of an organisation’s workforce, can make a real difference.

And that difference can be made immediately.

A happier journey…

Effective human resource management technology at the onboarding stage can make everything slicker and less stressful for both the employee and the HR team.

Departments such as IT and facilities management will work in harmony to lay down the welcome mat!

An HR workflow can be created which leads to an employee start date. Technology can enable the onboarding experience to be curated for each employee. Everything will be in place. And there’ll be no panicked hunting around for that spare laptop on start day…

The result? A happy employee, right from the start.

Yes, the power of technology to cut down on HR-related administration tasks – both for HR teams and employees – can enable an organisation’s people to concentrate on the things they really love about work and the reasons why they took the job in the first place.

We don’t think it’s too much to ask…

Empowering employees

Giving an employee more say can also help make them feel more engaged. And great tech is here to help! Now, let’s look at ServiceNow ITBM.

This can enable employees to make suggestions on the way technology evolves in their organisations. They can submit ideas which are evaluated on a business case basis – ideas generated from the ‘ground up’ that can result in greater efficiencies and better workday experiences. Frustrations can be alleviated. Employees will feel like they are being listened to. They can see the difference they are making. Great isn’t it?

Through an effective single HR portal, accessible wherever they are and on whatever device they are using, employees can also access knowledge for themselves. The information they need – from payroll details to holiday requests, tax information to company policies – is available at the touch of a button. Again, this reduces stress levels and helps them to focus on what they love about their jobs. It’s a win win!

And the ability of a portal to flag up important changes or problems – for instance an outage – can be invaluable to employees. ServiceNow’s Event Management solution, for instance, helps employees deal with issues before they become major problems for their customers or colleagues. Molehills don’t become mountains. Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. Phew!

And what’s more, employees will feel in control, confident and assured.

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Technology can really make a difference in engaging with and retaining employee interest. And look out, because we know it’s always getting better!

To find out how whyaye can support your organisation with HR digital transformation – and put a yay into your working day, contact us

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In this landscape, recruiting and retaining key talent, and driving increased productivity poses some real challenges for organisations. Added to this, with hybrid and remote working becoming more the ‘norm’ in many industries and working cultures, it can be more difficult to keep employees engaged and connected. 

 But technology can help?

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