Join us: Employee Experience Forum

As we talk about what role technology can play in retaining key talent and employee engagement

Attracting and retaining key talent has never been more of a challenge for employers than in the current market; employees are more demanding, wanting better progression and development, flexible ways of working and enhanced rewards. Add in the cost of living crisis and the challenge becomes even greater, as increasing numbers of employees look externally for solutions to meet their needs.

At this event you’ll have the opportunity to talk with other HR and IT professionals as we discuss the importance of employee engagement, delivering effective experiences for the workforce, and the role that technology can play in supporting both. The topics we’ll cover include:

  • What role does technology play in attracting and retaining key talent?

  • Does the technology that employees are using impact their motivation, performance and engagement?

  • How can we assess that impact?

  • What’s missing – something for technology providers to think about!

 If you are unable to attend our in person session on 16 November, make sure you register for our virtual version held on 23 November

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