Knowledge 2021: Getting the most out of it!

Knowledge 2021 kicked off virtually last week (some of the mob even tried to recreate the Vegas vibe). With so much content and a lot else going on, it can be tricky to get the most out of the event. Well ‘The Problem Solver’ is here to help. He has written up his thoughts from week 1 to help make week 2 even better…..

Make sure you watch the Keynotes

I enjoy the Opening Keynote of Knowledge as it gives you a good insight into ServiceNow successes, for example over the last year with NHS Scotland using the ServiceNow platform to help mine their data via dashboard to manage the outbreak

For me the opening keynote also helps to give an insight into the future direction of ServiceNow and I really like the “Workflow the world” strapline really bringing to life what the potential is within the platform.

As well as the opening keynote there are also industry specific keynotes which similarly help to show the current focus and the industry specific roadmap. You can get a view of how ServiceNow is supporting current workflows which even if they are not relevant now, can help to see the possibilities of what can be achieved.

Finding content

One of the great things of Knowledge is the sheer amount of content available. However with this comes it’s own issues as it can be very hard to find what you want. I have found the following really useful:

1. Use the Library view, utilizing the Filters and Search combined to look for things you might be interested in

2. Once you have watched a session make sure to look at the Related Sessions below, it can be very useful

3. The Training Labs can be easily filtered, but can also be found in Now Learning itself – just search for K21 and sort by ‘Most Recent’


Watch more knowledge in less time

Watching the live sessions is great, but many are on demand and you have the ability to speed up the video.

Sometimes this just doesn’t work and you need it at normal speed to really benefit, however some sessions – maybe those where you just want a cursory understanding – lend themselves to playing back at 1.25 or 1.5x speed.

However I would be careful going all the way to 2x speed as it can be strange – albeit funny at times.

 Bring on week 2!


By Alec ‘The Problem Solver’

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