Our Top Five Tips For A Successful Change Delivery

We know delivering change successfully in an organisation can be complex, stressful & it can be very easy to go wrong. However in today’s ever changing landscape, its fundamental to have the right expertise supporting throughout the whole implementation process to ensure it lands fast, effectively & with long term impact. Not that we are biased but we think we can do this pretty well….

Although there isn’t one magic formula for success as it’s important that change programmes are tailored to the company and their objectives & challenges. Our very own Business Change & Adoption Specialist Steven Halloren (aka The Innovator) shares his top 5 tips for a successful delivery:


Structure is extremely important and defines how you organise and develop your change plan which is vital to the success metric.


Engagement is a key skill which you need to utilise through communication plans, workshops, virtual sessions and with all levels and stakeholders.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking allows you to look forward and define what success looks like, as-well as capture the requirements to advance your change plan.


Methodology helps you define how you model your change programme and will help you gather, analyse and map your change deliverables.


Innovation makes what we do fresh. Its important to change up our approach and change how we deliver regularly keeping things new and exciting.

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By Steven Halloren

( The Innovator)

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