San Diego Release: What’s new?

San Diego has

Not only do we have our very own Ron Burgundy aka ‘The Governor’ returning to give us the low down on the latest features via whyaye news, but we also have a more detailed overview below (Thanks Param).

So what can you expect from ServiceNow’s new release.

San Diego: New features



The top story in San Diego is Next Experience, ServiceNow’s much anticipated User Interface (UI) refresh for the platform.  Known internally within ServiceNow as Polaris – this is ServiceNow’s north star for their UI framework moving forward and introduces a modern, intuitive, and context-aware web experience.   It retains some features from the legacy UI like Filter Navigation, Favorites and History, whilst integrating these alongside Workspaces.  Users can choose to pin nagivation menus to suit how they want to interact with the platform.

A handy system property allows existing customers to decide when they wish to activate the new UI, allowing roll-out to be managed through business change activities for increased end-user awareness, training and adoption.


San Diego sees the next iteration of CSDM – V4.0 launched.  A brand new “Build” domain is added into the mix and contains “SDLC Components” to manage the DevOps builds of a customer’s digital products to provide much more granular end-to-end visibility and issue impact assessment.  Furthermore, Business Services gets its own dedicated table, Prescribed Lifecycle states are made available, and the Location table gets some attention and now includes location source, type and Lifecycle state.


Available from the ServiceNow Store or already pre-installed on new San Diego instances, the CMDB Workspace centralises visibility and management by providing access to a number of dashboards and supporting tools, and will be welcome by configuration managers and analysts alike – especially those that may be working with larger CMDBs.


What is this I hear you ask…well it’s a brand new application that replaces the legacy Service Owner workspace.  Underpinned by CSDM, this helps customers plan, build, run and optimise their service and technology portfolios, all from one central location.  What’s more – it’s fully configurable via the Now Experience UI Builder!



HR Service Delivery now includes the Anonymous Report Center (ARC) portal, that improves employee relations by allowing them to submit complaints anonymously and allows them to communicate confidentially with any follow-up investigation.


Flow designer contains a number of new features – our mob members especially like the improved error handling with “try” flow logic that simulates a “try..catch”, and no-code Transform functions like Trimming white space.   This all helps to implement more robust flows that require less coding!


It’s been on the cards for a while now…but Home Pages are no longer supported and not available for new San Diego instances.  Customers should prepare to move fully to their supported Dashboard equivalents.

By Param Tiwana, ‘ The Bigger Picture One’


And with that comprehensive review of what San Diego has to offer, there’s only one thing left for us to say…..

Don't act like you're not impressed.

Ron Burgudy, Anchorman

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