IRM with whyaye – what you need to know…

What you need to know_IRM

IRM got your head in a spin? Well, that’s no real surprise! says Stuart Birnie We are living in a digital world where customers expect a 24/7 resilient service.  To deliver this in an efficient and effective manner we utilise geographically diverse and often complex supply chains. This gives rise to risks that are becoming […]

Persona Pyramids… What, Why, How

Persona Pyramids At a recent event, we were asked about the persona pyramid. In this post Enrique Brands explains how the persona pyramid is a concept that can be used to determine how your requirements, development stories and output of those can impact user personas both above and below you. By utilising this pyramid, we […]

How can Tech’ support your resilience?

How can technology support your capability Want to open a new account, “tap on the app”… suspect a fraudulent transaction “my bank messages me”… this is the norm now where 24/7 access to banking services is expected as standard. It’s a complex, interconnected world, with major financial service (FS) institutions unable to understand and achieve […]

Executing IRM projects in Baby Steps

Executing your Integrated Risk Management project in Embarking on an Integrated Risk Management (IRM) project can be a daunting process. Those that control project budgets are challenging you “What are the benefits of a new IRM system” given money is tight and there are different views of what to do across the three lines of […]