Persona Pyramids… What, Why, How

Persona Pyramids At a recent event, we were asked about the persona pyramid. In this post Enrique Brands explains how the persona pyramid is a concept that can be used to determine how your requirements, development stories and output of those can impact user personas both above and below you. By utilising this pyramid, we […]

How can Tech’ support your resilience?

How can technology support your capability Want to open a new account, “tap on the app”… suspect a fraudulent transaction “my bank messages me”… this is the norm now where 24/7 access to banking services is expected as standard. It’s a complex, interconnected world, with major financial service (FS) institutions unable to understand and achieve […]

Executing IRM projects in Baby Steps

Executing your Integrated Risk Management project in Embarking on an Integrated Risk Management (IRM) project can be a daunting process. Those that control project budgets are challenging you “What are the benefits of a new IRM system” given money is tight and there are different views of what to do across the three lines of […]

How focusing on GRC can give you peace of mind…

Business Change

Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) is a term that has been around for a number of years.  In recent times Integrated Risk Management (IRM) has started being used interchangeably with GRC.  If you work in financial services, Operational Resilience has been introduced by those in the know as an outcome that brings multiple risk and […]