Ops Res

Operational Resilience at whyaye!

The Ops Res policy has now landed

Here at whyaye we can help take the pressure off and fully support you with business services and enabling tech, putting the yay back in your day.

The Operational Resilience Parts will be effective from Thursday 31 March 2022. To comply with the rules, firms should contact their supervisors to agree their plans for meeting policy requirements.

Our 3 stage approach to help you get there:

Baseline Resilience

Resilient by Design 

Resilient by Nature

Our Services:

Op Res: We can help you design your Op Res Operating Model: business case, strategy, policy, framework, processes & procedures.
 Programme delivery:  We can deliver your programme: implement, manage and report.
 Business change & adoption: We can support in preparing for and rollout the programme to your people: training, championing, internal marketing
 PPA: – We can deliver tooling to improve the efficiency & quality of you operating model: workflows, governance, reporting.

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