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At whyaye, we deliver some of the largest and most successful risk transformations globally. We facilitate outcome-led, technology-enabled change using smart and efficient approaches, creating positive noise, and generating energy for our clients and their teams.

Our team has significant experience delivering risk and ServiceNow IRM projects, so we understand that risks and regulations are becoming increasingly complex. A modern and flexible IRM solution, like ServiceNow, can help you operate in this environment and have one source of truth for risk and control information.

We've developed service offerings for each of the key GRC applications in ServiceNow

All of which enables you to…

Increase confidence as risks are being mitigated through automation of controls

Collaborate in real time with vendors to have a shared understanding of vendor related risks and mitigating actions
Understand your compliance against policies, regulations and standards in real time

Improve resilience and continuity by understanding the risks impacting critical processes and assets
Ability to integrate risk management directly into ITSM, HR and other workflows managed through the platform

Improve collaboration and ensure a shared understanding of risk by having all 3 LoD on the platform
Improve the accuracy and timeliness of risk reporting and have a consistent view of the risk position across the organisation

Reduce time to identify and respond to control failures and compliance issues
Improve the ability to proactively identify and mitigate risks before they become issues or expensive incidents

Improve the effectiveness of business continuity by having all plans on one platform that also manages a comprehensive scenario testing regime

Is vendor risk impacting your business?

How many of your suppliers are fundamental to the success of your business? As supply chains grow more complex, and increasingly global… how do you ensure operational resilience? 

Interos and whyaye can help you gain a single view of your supplier ecosystem, so you can identify risks in real time and work with vendors to resolve issues.


Meet the Team

"The roundtable really brought to life how other FS organisations are using IRM in practice and showed the tangible value-add in the current UK banking landscape. The range of views and sub-industry representatives also prompted further ideas about new use cases we should explore internally".
Sophie Maynard - Virgin Money
"whyaye! provided a valuable independent review of our Operational Resilience programme, which highlighted areas for enhancement and focus."
whyaye! customer

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