IRM with whyaye – what you need to know…

What you need to know_IRM

IRM got your head in a spin? Well, that’s no real surprise! says Stuart Birnie We are living in a digital world where customers expect a 24/7 resilient service.  To deliver this in an efficient and effective manner we utilise geographically diverse and often complex supply chains. This gives rise to risks that are becoming […]

ServiceNow makes the employee experience more efficient

Our own Holly Sheppard examines the employee experience both with and without ServiceNow… there’s a clear winner IT has become more important than ever for organisations. When the pandemic hit in 2020, many of us had no choice but to begin working completely remotely, accelerating the need for efficient processes to enhance the overall employee […]

Keeping everyone engaged – where tech steps in…

Our mob knows how to get things done! For a multinational consumer goods company, we cut time spent on frustrating and laborious tasks by nearly half. We reduced 15 help desks down to one portal.  And we got people smiling again! But around the world, not everyone is happy. Which makes us sad too. This can’t […]

Attracting and retaining talent – where does technology fit in?

A jump of employee satisfaction from 7% to 89% in just five months! This is the kind of yay that is put into a working day when HR digital transformation goes well. When our mob worked with a major multinational bank to embed ServiceNow HR Service Delivery into the organisation, we replaced dozens of legacy […]

Is tech making people happy?

More than 50% of employees have experienced dissatisfaction at work due to missing or mismatched software. 25% of employees said that they’ve even considered leaving their jobs because of the software they’re using in the workplace. Double woah. Ok, so make that a triple woah! So what’s the problem? Well, here’s a major one… Clunky, chunky, […]