Top Tips for Implementing Business Continuity Management (BCM)

And last but not least… BCM! We’ve shared our top tips for implementing both IRM and VRM and in the final blog, we’ve asked our experienced mob members once again ‘What advice would you give to anyone looking to implement the Business Continuity Management application on the ServiceNow platform?’ This post will go into the […]

Top Tips for Implementing Vendor Risk Management (VRM)

We’ve brought you our Top Tips for  Implementing IRM (shameless plug in case you missed it), and now continuing the series, we’ve been asking our mob members ‘What advice would you give to anyone looking to implement the Vendor Risk Management application on the ServiceNow platform?’ We’ve collated the key themes and messages that came […]

We’re expanding capabilities with 3CLogic Partnership!

Press Release Leading digital transformation consultancy partners with premier cloud contact center solution to help organizations enhance their digital innovation efforts. UK-based digital transformation specialist and ServiceNow partner whyaye has entered into an international partnership with US company 3CLogic, in a move that will further strengthen the company’s service offerings.whyaye, headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne, […]

Top Tips for Implementing Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been asking our mob members: ‘What advice would you give to anyone looking to implement the Integrated Risk Management application on the ServiceNow platform?’ This post will go into the key themes and messages that came from the teams who’ve successfully deployed IRM for our customers. 1. Review your […]

San Diego Release: What’s new?

San Diego has Not only do we have our very own Ron Burgundy aka ‘The Governor’ returning to give us the low down on the latest features via whyaye news, but we also have a more detailed overview below (Thanks Param). So what can you expect from ServiceNow’s new release. San Diego: New features […]

Rome Release: GRC – what’s in it for me?

The Rome release of ServiceNow has arrived and with it a host of new features across the platform. Today I’m going to review my favourite new features in the Governance, Risk and Compliance application suite which includes and an overhaul of the user interface, crisis mapping and a new portal. In this post, I’m going to discuss the highlights for customers and how they […]

The must read blog……….if you want to build a resilience culture!

Over the last few months our awesome mob members have published several papers and blogs about the journey to Dynamic Operational Resilience.    We have talked about:    What it is and what are the benefits? What are some of the challenges? and in the last blog, we started looking at one of the biggest challenges……Embedding an operational resilience culture.   […]

Business Change: Dynamic Ops Model Part 1

In our last blog, we talked about how successful delivery of Dynamic Op Res requires firms to think ‘end to end’ and that this may not fit with your current organisational landscape, structure, and culture.  We also talked about the need for strong collaboration among firms to continue as they progress towards Dynamic Ops Res. […]

Op Res Data – Where to find it and how to use it?

In our last blog ‘The Journey to Dynamic Op Res’ we discussed some challenges firms are facing in their journey to Dynamic Op Res. One of them is firms knowing what the right Op Res data is, where to find it and how to use it to build a picture of resilience. So, what can be done? ​Identify key resilience […]

The Journey to Dynamic Op Res

Dynamic OpRes will see firms have highly flexible prediction, prevention, preparedness and response capabilities that are tested, challenged and adapted on a near constant basis. This will improve the customer experience and help firms streamline internal processes. In our Operational Resilience (‘Op Res’) paper published in July 2021, we confidently made the statement that all […]

Knowledge 2021: Week 1

James ‘The Grafter’ has put down his thoughts on the sessions he enjoyed following week 1 of Know21, which aspects resonate the most & how other companies are making the most out of the Now platform….. from the first week at K21 Another year, another all digital ServiceNow Knowledge conference, credit for which goes to Covid-19. At whyaye, we’ve spent the previous 14 months […]

Knowledge 2021: Getting the most out of it!

Knowledge 2021 kicked off virtually last week (some of the mob even tried to recreate the Vegas vibe). With so much content and a lot else going on, it can be tricky to get the most out of the event. Well ‘The Problem Solver’ is here to help. He has written up his thoughts from […]

Quebec Release: Our Favourite Features

The Quebec release on the Now platform is finally here and it is by far the biggest release we have seen for a couple of years! Our PPA mob have been busy reading through all the release notes and will be sharing some of their favourite features. 1. Catalogue Builder First up we have the […]

Our new partner: The Cloud People

We are excited to announce that we have partnered up with Nordic based The Cloud People! The Cloud People, like whyaye, are a ServiceNow partner with an experienced team of specialists onboard. Also founded in 2019, we both strive to be something more than a traditional, corporate consultancy. We pride ourselves on transparency and securing […]

How to: Keep your ServiceNow instance on top form

Here at whyaye, we have some top tips to keep your Service Now instance on top form for upgradability, and a few ways to make development that little bit easier! When configuring ServiceNow it’s important to keep maintainability, performance, upgradability and best practice in mind for the future health of the instance. 1. Customisation Let’s […]

Our Top Five Tips For A Successful Change Delivery

We know delivering change successfully in an organisation can be complex, stressful & it can be very easy to go wrong. However in today’s ever changing landscape, its fundamental to have the right expertise supporting throughout the whole implementation process to ensure it lands fast, effectively & with long term impact. Not that we are […]

Why businesses should upgrade to the Now Platform® Quebec release Podcast

Our very own Tim Martin aka The Collaborator recently featured on a podcast with Chris Pope from ServiceNow. Incase you missed it, hear more on what Tim had to say about the exciting new features of the Now Platform Quebec release and how they can support digital transformation in any organisation.     By Tim […]

We’ve won an award!

WHYAYE! RECOGNISED AS 2021 SERVICENOW EMEA PREMIER SEGMENT PARTNER OF THE YEAR ServiceNow recognised the work of a Tyneside IT and services company with a prestigious award. Newcastle-based whyaye was named the 2021 ServiceNow EMEA Premier Segment Partner of the Year. This award recognises the Premier Partner who achieved overall excellence in certification and ServiceNow pipeline growth. […]

ServiceNow re-platform

Having recently worked alongside Plat4mation to support a client on theirre-platform delivery, Anna, aka the Machine, has shared her thoughts on the project. “In September I departed from an amazing client after spending the last 9 months helping them deliver the first two releases of their ServiceNow re-platform delivery. It was my first experience of […]

Testing times

We developed and rolled out our own UAT testing approach here at whyaye. We explain below how ‘Mob Testing’ has proven to be extremely effective for us and our clients. The traditional Testing method Traditionally, in the world of large scale software implementations, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is handed over to tens if not hundreds […]

ServiceNow Support page in LinkedIn

  The ServiceNow Support page in LinkedIn can help with a plethora of insight from how to build a Successful Centre of Excellence through to how to get ServiceNow working on your mobile. There are posts about everything from new platform releases and the mobile app, to best practice information, resources and the ServiceNow podcast. […]

3 women who made “Why, yes” their motto

Why, yes! We’re thrilled to continue to work with ServiceNow to drive the transformation at work with our multinational clients. As we continue to grow and welcome new members of the mob – let’s continue to deliver huge value! Maureen, Anna and Lisa got to speak to ServiceNow about several interesting topics. Such as, how […]